Feeling woozy after eating a nice hearty meal? Having that slight pain at the back of your neck that makes you unable to do your work? You might be experiencing signs of hypertension that should not be overlooked. But how can you be sure that it’s your blood pressure that’s causing it? You won’t have to worry about that if you have your own Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor.

Overlooking hypertension can lead to a lot of complications and early detection can save you from a whole lot of wallet-emptying procedures. That’s why we made a list of our top 3 picks of blood pressure monitors from Microlife. The question now is which specific Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor should I buy? Well, worry no longer since we made this list just for you.


BP3GX1-5X Deluxe Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


The BP3GX1-5X Deluxe is designed for comfort and is best used for logging all your blood pressure needs. It has 99 memories designed for 2 users which means you have records of all the tests you took. It works on a patented Gentle+™ inflation technology which focuses on comfort and time.

The cuff measure is also wide at 8.7” to 16.5” and can arms of all sizes. You also won’t need to worry about power since the BP3GX1-5X can operate on an AC outlet and on batteries. The device also comes with an irregular heartbeat detection and hypertension risk indicators.


3MC1-PC Ultimate Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


You’ll never see a device more convenient to use than the 3MC1-PC. Unlike other devices, the 3MC1-PC takes 3 different readings and averages them to show you the most accurate reading. It automatically takes 99 memories for 2 users which allows you to track your progress for medical purposes. If you’re wondering if your readings are normal, it can show you how your reading compares to national standards with its “traffic light” hypertension indicator.

It has 2 different cuffs: a medium cuff that measures 9.25″ – 13.5″ and a large cuff that measures 12” – 16”. It also runs on both AC power and on batteries which makes it convenient even for travelling. Also included with the device is a 5-year warranty which guarantees that the device won’t malfunction for a very long time.


Microlife® Premium Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


This is one of the “standard” blood pressure monitors created by Microlife. Alike others form the brand, the device also measures using a TruRead technology which takes 3 different readings showing you the average of all 3. The cuff measures 9” – 17” which guarantees it to fit all arms. It has a seamless display which is very easy to read. Along with the extra large numbers on the display, it also shows multi-colored lights that indicate how your blood pressure compares to national standards.


Hypertension is not a joke. It can cause a whole number on you if you don’t detect it early. That’s why we recommend having a Blood Pressure Monitor handy in any case that you experience symptoms. The medical grade technology from Microlife are among the best in the market, so if you’re out to buy one, make sure to check them out.

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