If you’re using a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) mask, you’ll know that it’s too much of a hassle to sleep on your side. You either clog the hose or cause it to break since it gets caught on the other end of your pillow. That’s why the need for CPAP pillows for side sleepers have boomed in market sales today. Many “side sleepers” still have problems sleeping properly with the mask due to the fact that they can’t lay down in their most comfortable position.

CPAP Pillows are designed in such a way that they have gaps on both sides for the hose to fall without any obstruction. If you’re out to buy one for yourself, here’s a few picks that we have lined up to make your search for an effective CPAP pillow for side sleepers like you.


CPAP Pillow by ObusForme


This design is the most different from all the items in our list. The ObusForme TPAP Pillow has a T-shaped contour that makes sleeping on any side easier for people using CPAP masks. It also has a layered design which helps users of different body types to use the pillow with ease. The pillow is also breathable so air can pass freely so the pillow does not become uncomfortably hot during your sleep.


SleePAP by Science of Sleep


This CPAP pillow from Science of Sleep is very comfortable and easy to use. The accurately-placed holes are perfect for CPAP mask users that just want to get a comfortable rest. There are also some other variants of the SleePAP that may suit other people. The pillow is perfectly symmetrical which enables you to sleep in any direction that you want. Although it’s a little pricey, the SleePAP pillow is a good investment for all you side sleepers out there.


CPAP Pillow by Blue Chip Medical


One of the most popular in our lineup is the CPAP pillow made by Blue Chip Medical. It comes with equally placed holes from all four sides which means “pillow flippers” will have no problem whatsoever about discomfort caused by an uneven pillow. The pillow is also one of the softest out there and is designed to promote proper neck and spine alignment. Also included is an “ultra-soft” pillow case which makes the pillow easier to clean.


While there are many cheap products out there now that may look alike, the feel and comfort of using a high-end CPAP pillow is something worth the extra dollar. Sleeping in comfort is an investment that any CPAP mask user seeks when buying a pillow and these 3 picks are among the best of the best in getting the job done. So before you make your next purchase, take a good look at our recommendations for the best CPAP Pillows for side sleepers.

This list was made in no particular order of superiority, so you can choose any of the three without any product standing above the rest. Who knows?You might just get the product of your dreams.

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