Portable nebulizer is quite in demand these days because of their efficiency and usability. This is often required by those with asthma and other breathing and lung conditions. This is an immediate relief to their conditions therefore a reliable and good portable nebulizer is often needed just like the ones below.


Omron MicroAir Portable Travel Pocket Adult Child Nebulizer (NEU-22)


Omron is one of the most trusted manufacturers of medical devices because of the high quality of product they offer. This portable nebulizer for both adult and children is one of the most popular as it offers portability, efficiency, quality and affordability. This very useful nebulizer has a lot of features you will surely find helpful.

  • This features low residue and wide medication compliance. This allows the user to inhale from different angles.
  • This is very easy to operate. This can be operated by a single click of a button only. This can be very handy during emergencies as you won’t have to look for the manual just to make it work.
  • This was designed to work extra quiet to avoid disturbing others especially when in public places.
  • This can easily be pocketed or placed in a purse so transporting it is no problem. You can take it with you anytime, anywhere.
  • This can last for four hours on two AA batteries although this also comes with an adaptor just in case.

Medquip Compact Compressor Nebulizer with Reusable Neb Kit


This compact nebulizer from Medquip is quite small in size and light in weight making it easy to transport everywhere. This durable compressor is perfect for COPD patients and this has already been proven by several studies to have the ability to withstand pressure due to frequent use and transport. This is built with a quiet compressor thus it doesn’t make much noise when in use. This doesn’t mean though that it is not powerful or very useful. On the contrary, this is designed with a powerful piston-driven workhorse compressor to ensure it delivers optimum performance at all times while being as quiet as possible. This also comes with an intergrated handle so you can easily transport it. Furthermore, the package comes with a disposable ne kit and it also includes a dishwasher safe reusable Jet Neb. You can always choose between these two depending on which one you prefer.


Portable Medneb Compressor Machine


This portable neb machine conveniently comes with both reusable and disposable kits. You can use the reusable one at home while you can take along with you the disposable one when on the go or when traveling. All these can conveniently fit in its bag so you can just carry them as one preventing clutter too. The package also includes Airial™ Compressor, a resistant tubing, mouthpiece and extra filters. This operates using a Piston-Driven System which guarantees strong power at all times. This operates between 7.25 to 10 psi but it can handle a maximum of 29 psi.


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