Oxygen concentrators are devices which offer extra oxygen to those who are in need or those who can’t breathe under ordinary temperature. It is for this reason that a lot of concentrators have become popular through the years just like the portable oxygen concentrator. This is different from the others in a sense that the parts used to construct them are compact and lightweight. These characteristics allow them to be carried everywhere and transported anytime. Oxygen concentrators are very useful especially to those who have difficulty in breathing and those who have lung illnesses. Here are some of the most popular and high quality portable oxygen concentrator for sale today.


MENMOS Portable Home & Travel Oxygen Bar Machine


This oxygen bar machine might just be the one you are looking for. This can be perfectly used both at home and while on the go. It was built to be compact to save space and for portability as well. This is designed with an ergonomic handle so you can carry and transport it more easily. Here are some other features that come with this oxygen concentrator.

  • This features an adjustable flow design. You can basically make all the adjustment you want from 1 liter per minute to 5 liters per minute. This allows the user to be comfortable at all times. You will not have to adjust for the machine; it will adjust for you in order to suit your needs.
  • This will definitely rejuvenate your body from stress since the purity is from 30 percent to 93 percent. This is most helpful to those who use it not just to supply them the additional oxygen they need to breath but to relieve themselves from too much stress and tiredness from work.
  • This also supports 24 hours operation. This means you can always use it continuously wherever you go.

Easy Carried Oxygen Concentrator Generator EW-BW for Home


This state-of-the-art oxygen generator is quite impressive. This makes use of the seventh generation PSA to preserve the generated oxygen. This concentrator has a dimension of 302x168x325 millimeters. The size itself makes this machine very portable and convenient to carry. This also features a LED timer display and a smart chip control. Even if you are not close to the device, you can still operate it using this. This has an outlet pressure of 100 kPa.


Easywell Medical Oxygen Therapy Equipment Portable Oxygen Concentrator Generator (EW-50BW)


This oxygen concentrator is a proud product of Easywell and is one of their best-sellers. This concentrator is perfect for home health care. This also makes use of the seventh generation PSA to make things more efficient. This product features a LED timer display and a smart chip control so you can better control the machine itself. This also has an outlet pressure of 100 kPa. This has a dimension of 302x168x325 millimeters. Basing it on these dimensions, this concentrator is truly portable and long lasting.


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